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Our weather widget pulls your location based off of what your ISP returns for the city and state name. Sometimes this information is incorrect and in those cases we allow you to set a custom 5-digit ZIP code. Please enter your zip code below. #

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Wild temperature swings next few,
then colder air settles in late week

Weather Alerts

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For further discussion as models come in and as systems evolve, get the latest EPAWA thoughts in real-time on our very own Weather Forum. EPAWA keeps you covered with all of our winter subscription services:

There are no current/valid alert map products from EPAWA


A detailed synoptic summary will be posted here when Winter storms or impactful wintry systems threaten the region within 36 hours of the expected start time

Impacts and Timing:

Impacts and generalized timing will appear here in advance of any impactful storm threats within 48 hours of an event, to coincide with snow/ice/rain maps issued

For more specific and advanced timing, impacts, and amounts by location for all future Winter storm events, including real-time updates specific to your county, click on the My Pocket Meteorologist image below for more information and to sign up.


Below is a sample snow/ice map. Map will update when a winter storm threatens the region.


Weather Alerts last updated: 9:00AM Sunday September 24th, 2023

Weather Alerts and Premium Forum

Get My Pocket Meteorologist year-round text alerts and the EPAWA premium forum and be ready for all impactful weather events. Alerts are NOT automated and are sent by our team of meteorologists directly to your cell phone for the areas that you care about!  Visit http://epawaweather.com/mpm/ for full details and sign up today!