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Cooler than average conditions likely
dominate through end of November…

Private Forecast Services

Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC has become a staple in the weather community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. At this time, thousands of users have benefited in personal consulting from EPAWA. In addition to personal consulting services, we also offer private forecasting services for businesses. We have recently partnered with Empire Weather (formerly NY Metro Weather) which allows us provide additional advanced services that are available around the clock, 365 days a year.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Private detailed email forecasts for business: Sent daily or more often at client request; includes hourly detail for a specific location. Extended forecast 7-days into the future are also available
  • Snowfall verification reports for snow plow clients: Detailed pinpoint forecasts for all of your plowing locations prior to any storm, and verification of snow totals for billing purposes
  • Special event forecasting: For both large and small venues, we keep you ahead of the weather and provide on-call meteorologist services to help you make key decisions
  • Specialized long range forecasts for energy and commodity trading: Customized for as little as a month ahead to 6 months ahead (seasonal), and daily HDD/CDD data can be provided
  • School district forecasts: for potential weather closings/delays and sports/athletic events, we’ll provide daily emails and on-call meteorologist consultation services to help you make key decisions
  • Professional sports venue forecasts: We will provide site-specific forecasts and an on-call meteorologist who will let you know exactly what’s coming with regard to timing, impacts, and duration of any weather that threatens the event
  • Emergency management planning: We provide specialized forecasts and meteorologist consultation services to help your business prepare adequately for what’s to come, and guide you through the storm in real-time.

Our consulting services consist of daily email weather briefings and weather outlooks catered to your needs. An on-call meteorologist will monitor your location(s) and will be in contact with specific information critical to your operations on days where weather threatens. Forecasts are sent to your email every morning and updated throughout the day with changeable conditions via phone, as well a text alert option to key personnel. A meteorologist can be contracted to be on call to suit your needs to keep you up to date with the latest changing conditions and the most accurate detailed information you will find. We now have the ability to provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Please see the examples below of the email-based products that we can provide to you and your business. Any additional questions can be directed to our company email, [email protected] and one of our meteorologists will get back to you within 24hrs. Sorry, but we cannot facilitate in-kind contracts in exchange for our meteorological services.

Thank you,
All of us at Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC and Empire Weather

Examples of our email products:

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Daily email with detailed hourly forecasts and on-call meteorologist

Email us for pricing!

Specialized detailed 7-day forecasts specific to your business location and company needs

Snowfall verification for specific areas/zip codes of snow plow operations

Winter Storm Briefings for Emergency Managers and snow plow clients

Text alerts and premium forum

Get My Pocket Meteorologist year-round text alerts and the EPAWA premium forum and be ready for all impactful weather events. Alerts are NOT automated and are sent by our team of meteorologists directly to your cell phone for the areas that you care about!  Visit http://epawaweather.com/mpm/ for full details and sign up today!