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EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC has become a staple in the weather community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey , Delaware and Maryland. Thousands of users benefit from EPAWA's personal consultation services through the My Pocket Meteorologist™ program . In addition and most notably, we also offer comprehensive private forecasting and consultation services for businesses and major clientele. We are adept in the following areas of focus:

  • Detailed location-specific forecasts: Sent daily via email or more often at a client's request; includes hourly detail for the specific location or locations that you care about. Ideal for seasonal or annual outdoor venues, and is our core service.
  • Special event forecasting: For both large and small venues, we keep you ahead of the weather and provide an on-call meteorologist to help you make key decisions. Shorter-term events - weekend air shows, concerts, and even weddings!
  • Specialized long range forecasts for energy/commodity trading: Customized for a 30-45 lead time outlook (seasonal), and daily HDD/CDD data can be provided as part of this service. No need to wait for once a week public updates!
  • Professional sports venue forecasts: We provide site-specific forecasts and an on-call meteorologist who will let you know exactly what’s coming with regard to timing, impacts, and duration of any weather (seasonal options only)
  • Outdoor operations for business: Whether you own a roofing, construction, or landscaping company, or any business that is at the mercy of the weather, we have you covered with daily emails and meteorological consultation services. 
  • Energy sector and major utility companies: Our services are hyper-focused to help you mitigate outage down time, and allow crews to adequately prepare and be in better position to respond to outages faster. The critical elements that lead to outages are communicated through consultation and comprehensive data charts... most notably precipitation, wind, and severe weather.

Our consulting services consist of daily email weather briefings and weather outlooks catered to your needs. An on-call meteorologist will monitor your location(s) and will be in contact with specific information critical to your operations on days when weather threatens. Forecasts are sent to your email every morning and updated throughout the day with changeable conditions via phone, as well a text alert option to key personnel. A meteorologist can be contracted to be on call to suit your needs and keep you up to date with the latest changing conditions and the most accurate detailed information you will find anywhere. We currently serve both MLB and MILB professional baseball teams, several major utility clients, several major year-round and shorter term outdoor venues, and dozens of businesses that require their employees to work outdoors under contract. 

Please see the examples below of the email-based products that we can provide to you and your business. Any additional questions, including pricing for consultation services can be directed to our contact form below, and one of our meteorologists will get back to you within 24hrs. We will work with you to tailor a service that best serves your needs.

We cannot facilitate in-kind contracts in exchange for meteorological services

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Standard daily email template that is location specific for your areas
Customized daily email based on client need and on-call meteorologist 
Wind and precipitation charts for customized locations in wind events
Severe weather risks and EPAWA's proprietary severe probability charts

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