Dominick Carmella

Dominick was born and raised in Oconto, Nebraska. The frequency of severe weather in the summer followed by blizzards and ice storms in the winter piqued his interest in the weather and made him aware of changing conditions in the atmosphere. He would often call for changes in p-type by noticing changes in wind direction. With the onset of the internet, Dominick was able to expand his knowledge and started providing forecasts for family and friends who soon learned to trust his calls over those of the local TV weathermen. He attended Penn State University to further his education, and continues to reside in the Honesdale, PA area. After several years working in the private forecast sector, Dominick joined EPAWA in 2015 as a lead forecaster for the NE PA and NNJ forecast regions, and you can catch him on the forum for model analysis ahead of impactful systems.

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