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Sneaky wave along a cold front
brings snow Thursday morning…

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Sneaky wave moves along a cold front boundary, rain to snow


A cold front will move through the region late Wednesday night and Thursday morning from NW-SE. Along that boundary a weak wave of low pressure will act to enhance anafrontal precipitation, which is precipitation thrown into the colder temperatures behind the boundary after it passes, and allows rain showers initially to mix with and then change completely to snow from NW-SE during that time frame. Snow will occur over a shorter amount of time (generally under 6 hours) and generally light/nuisance levels, but timing occurs at such a time to interfere with and disrupt Thursday morning travel. This includes schools that will have to make very tough decisions tomorrow morning in some areas.

Impacts and Timing:

Impacts level for this event is level 1: NUISANCE

Timing is generalized, but expect rain showers to begin around or just after midnight as the cold front works its way SE. Rain showers will mix with and change to snow showers from NW to SE from as early as 1-3am Thursday in far NW areas to as late as 8-10am Thursday in far SE and coastal areas. Precipitation will end as snow in all areas from NW to SE, and all precipitation exits the coast by early afternoon on Thursday. Interior areas will see the snow come to an end during the course of the morning hours from NW-SE. This is a nuisance level event, but given the poor timing of this snow, travel impacts are higher than usual for this level of event. The Thursday morning commute will be slowed and expect delays…and school superintendents will have to make some tough decisions based on local road conditions Thursday morning.

We highlighted an area where the highest probability exists to see closer to the 3″ mark rather than the 1″ of the 1-3″ range indicated, and although locally >3″ is possible in isolated cases, the highest range for this event remains 1-3″ of snow.

Snow impacts: NUISANCE

Snow consistency: WET

Ice impacts: NONE EXPECTED

Rain impacts: MINIMAL

Wind impacts: MINIMAL

Travel impacts: MODERATELY HIGH; this is higher than usual given the poor timing that coincides with the Thursday AM commute

Power outage concerns: MINIMAL

School delays: PROBABLE, especially in interior areas of PA/NJ

School cancellations: localized road conditions dependent (school superintendents call, not EPAWA)

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12z HRRR p-type simulated radar loop

Forecaster:  Martrich
Weather Alerts last updated: 11:55am Wednesday January 19th, 2022

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