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Milder temperatures are likely to
dominate late month thru mid-March

About Us

EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC

EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC is a meteorological consulting firm headquartered in Lehigh Valley, PA, which provides customized forecasts to business entities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. We offer both free public forecasts and specialized business client forecasts, customized and tailored to their needs.

The company began as Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC, registered in the state of Pennsylvania on June 1st, 2012. The name was changed to EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC on October 26th, 2018 to better represent our business and what we do. We are first and foremost a meteorological consulting firm that offers a plethora of paid client services, but we also have a large public selection of free forecast products. Originally started as a Facebook forecasting page based in the Lehigh Valley, through many successful calls on major events, including Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Facebook page rapidly expanded with loyal followers that trust our forecasts on a daily basis. Due to the rapid expansion in following, we were forced to expand our coverage area to all of Central and Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland, and the entire states of New Jersey and Delaware. We now reach a much larger audience in the millions, and the website launched in 2012 to coincide with the start of the official business. We have EVERYTHING weather-wise you could need for this region, including daily forecasts, long range forecasts, text alert services, a premium forum, private client services and much more!

Meteorologists and Core Staff

Bobby Martrich, EPAWA Weather Consulting, LLC Proprietor and Meteorologist

Bobby began his passion for weather as a toddler, fascinated with thunderstorms and snowstorms. His passion followed him throughout his childhood, and led him into a career in meteorology. Immediately following high school he enlisted in the US Army, where he completed 6 years of honorable service, 4 years active duty, and 2 years in the PA National Guard. During this time, he gained hands-on experience in real-world weather forecasting operations, working in the flight control towers at several major US Army Airfields. His primary functions in Aviation Operations were to conduct pilot pre-flight briefings, and relay critical aviation weather information along the flight routes. His passion still lying with the weather, he enrolled at Penn State University’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences to study meteorology formally immediately following his discharge from the military. After forecasting privately for several years, he decided to take advantage of the dawn of the social media era and began making public forecasts on the EPAWA Facebook page. On June 1st, 2012 he started the private forecast business and this website, alongside a team of forecasters. Bobby resides in North Whitehall, PA with his wife Monica and four boys.

Jim Rinaldi, Private Services Meteorologist

Jim resides near State College, PA and has been with EPAWA in the private sector since inception. He attended Penn State University, and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology in 1991. After several years working with such companies as AccuWeather and the Radio Forecast Network, Jim joined EPAWA in 2012 as a lead forecaster and private forecast meteorologist for the business side of EPAWA. He is responsible for direct communications with our larger clients and handles on-call meteorological services for the business. A large part of EPAWA’s success is driven by Jim’s extensive knowledge and experience, and understanding of local weather patterns in this region. Jim continues to split duties between EPAWA and the RFN, where you can catch him giving recorded radio forecast spots on many popular radio stations.

Dominick Carmella, Public and Private Services Forecaster

Dominick was born and raised in the small town of Oconto, Nebraska. The frequency of severe weather in the summer followed by blizzards and ice storms in the winter piqued his interest in the weather and made him keenly aware of changing conditions in the atmosphere. He would often call for changes in precipitation type by noticing changes in wind direction. With the onset of the internet, Dominick was able to expand his knowledge and started providing forecasts for family and friends who soon learned to trust his calls over those of the local TV weathermen. He attended Penn State University to further his education, and continues to reside in the Honesdale, PA area. After several years working in the private forecast sector, Dominick joined EPAWA in 2015 as a lead forecaster for the NE PA and NNJ forecast regions, and you can catch him on the premium forum for model analysis ahead of impactful systems.

EPAWA Support Staff

Jonathan Carr, Weather NJ Founder and Lead Forecaster

JC owns and operates weathernj.com and has been very successful in weather forecasting since beginning in social media as Severe NJ Weather, now Weather NJ on Facebook, with nearly a quarter-million followers that relies on his forecasts daily. JC has been affiliated with EPAWA and a contributor to our behind-the-scenes success for many years, and is partnered in the innovative My Pocket Meteorologist program for text alerts and the premium forum. JC graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Stockton University and a master’s degree in information systems. His primary career is in software engineering and information technology. Although he doesn’t have a formal education in meteorology, he is an avid and successful weather enthusiast whose entire atmospheric and meteorological knowledge-base is mostly self-taught but also under the wings of some great mentors.

Ray Leichner, EPAWA Professional Drone Pilot and Storm Chaser

Ray Leichner has been a weather enthusiast since a very young age. His passion lies in photographing and filming severe weather events. Ray took to the sky in 2014, and began using high-profile drone technology to document severe weather events across the area. In 2015, Ray obtained his Part 107 FAA Certification, and has been a regular contributor to EPAWA since 2016. His work is featured on his own fan page, where his professional quality photos and videos of a plethora of weather phenomena are shared at Cloud to Ground Storm Chaser Ray Leichner on Facebook. He uses the EPAWA live feed platform capability to reach audiences in the hundreds of thousands, which includes top-notch sunsets, livecasting breathtaking thunderstorm videos up close, views during snow storms from several hundred feet up in the air, and jaw-dropping mammatus clouds that follow severe weather.

Ray resides in Chalfont, PA (Bucks County) with his wife and daughter.

Jake Cole, Severe Weather Expert

Jake is an avid weather enthusiast who has successfully crafted an expertise over many years with regard to convective storms and severe weather. He is self-taught, but well versed with many years of experience forecasting [currently] for Lebanon County Weather, and DC to Boston Metro Weather. His specialty and passion lies with severe weather, and he is able to contribute to the EPAWA staff a realistic and grounded approach that meteorologists can sometimes get caught up in with “robust” severe weather parameters suggested by hi-resolution model soundings. Jake lives in Whitehall, PA with his wife and son.

Monica Martrich, Customer Service Manager

Monica is the wife of EPAWA Proprietor Bobby Martrich, and handles the vast majority of the customer service requests through the company email. She is a paralegal by trade, and works in the legal department for the St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, PA.

My Pocket Meteorologist text alerts will not only provide you with advanced notice of incoming storm threats, but will also provide real-time alerts for thunderstorms approaching the specific area that you live and/or work. Real-time alerts will take the guessing game of what to expect for what’s headed your way, sent by an ACTUAL METEOROLOGIST, not a computer or an app. This includes start/end times and duration of that specific storm, lightning threats, total rain, wind and gusts, hail (size) and tornadoes (if applicable). Things that neither an app nor a radar can tell you. We’re here to do the work, so that you don’t have to… and you can always stay ahead of the storms with safety and peace of mind. Click the image below for more info.