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A break from the unsettled conditions
as summerlike temperatures return
Get The Forecast!

Winter Weather Alerts

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Winter Weather Alerts Overview

Stay on top of winter weather this season with EPAWA’s Winter Weather Alert and Premium Forum. For the third year, everyone from commuters to businesses that depend on the weather are benefitting from dependable forecasts direct to their phones and computer.

Winter Weather Alert Service

Tailored for those who want early warnings for any significant weather system moving into their specific county during winter only (November 1 through April 30). For a one-time charge of $24.99, the Winter Weather Alert option provides advanced notice of:

  • Winter Storms – Up to 5 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Light snow (less than 3″) – 2-3 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Heavy Rain – Up to 2 days’ notice of rain totaling over .50” within a 12 hour period
  • Ice Conditions – Any threat of ice
  • Snow Consistency – Wet vs. dry/powdery
  • Wind – 1 day notice for wind gusts 40mph or greater
  • Dense Fog – 1 day notice of fog that will limit visibility under ¼ mile for more than 3 hours

Great for everyone from snow removal services, school districts and roofers to every-day commuters!

Premium Weather Forum

An interactive online discussion for weather enthusiasts who want in on all of the action, the Premium Forum hosts live updates, model analysis dialogue, daily long range forecast updates MondayFriday, Q&A with EPAWA meteorologists, and more.

Chose this package alone for $45.00, or add it to any EPAWA package for an additional $30.00.

Access the forum at https://mpm.epawaweather.com/forum//index.php