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A generally warm and drier pattern is
expected for remainder of September
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Southeast PA Forecast

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Our southeast PA forecast region includes Philadelphia, Doylestown, West Chester, Lancaster, York, Gettysburg & surrounding areas. Forecasts are updated daily M-F and Saturday that covers both weekend days – not Sunday. 

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Cold front moves through tonight, may touch off the first precipitation in about a week for some areas…

Monday remains unseasonably hot and partly cloudy ahead of the next cold front, expected Monday night. A few showers are possible in spots with the front Monday late afternoon/evening, but not too much total rain expected from it. After evening shower(s) wrap up, skies will clear out overnight as the front clears. Any rain that falls will be the first measurable precip in over a week.

Back to mostly sunny skies on Tuesday and Wednesday with temperatures dropping back a bit to the upper 70s to near the 80° mark. We begin to warm up again Thursday of next week ahead of another mostly dry cold front, with just a stray shower chance in a few spots. Mostly sunny skies return on Friday with slightly lower temperatures. Another weak front will move through Saturday night, and could again touch off a stray/isolated shower, then partly cloudy Sunday and remaining warmer than average this weekend.

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Forecaster:  Martrich 23 September 0300z

Daily Climatology for Philadelphia, Pa

Average Temp:Record Temp:
High:7597 (1895)
Low:5840 (1983)