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Cold temps set in early this week,
but transient ups & downs continue
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Northeast PA Forecast

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Our northeast PA forecast region includes Scranton, Stroudsburg, Hazleton, Williamsport, Bloomsburg, Wilkes-Barre & surrounding areas. Forecasts are updated daily M-F and Saturday that covers both weekend days – not Sunday. 

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High pressure will dominate the weather through the weeks.  Its an Arctic high, so we will start out quite cold, but then as we move through the week the airmass will modify and we will see quickly moderating temperatures.

As we head toward the weekend, an upper-level low (ULL) will approach from the west with a weak primary surface low and stronger secondary coastal development. The model trends have been colder and I believe for our region, wintry precip is favored and at this point I am favoring snow. Of course, this far out a lot can change.

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Forecaster: Carmella 20 January 0515Z

Daily climatology for Scranton/WB, PA

Average highAverage lowRecord high temp (year)Record low temp (year)
33°F18°F63°F (1951)-11°F (1994)