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My Pocket Meteorologist

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In 2013, EPAWA introduced the premier economical service, My Pocket Meteorologist (MPM).  Ever since its start, everyone from large companies to everyday weather enthusiasts have been benefitting from the convenience of manual, meteorologist produced forecasts sent directly to their phone. On October 1st, 2016, the My Pocket Meteorologist program became better than ever before! EPAWA entered into a joint-venture partnership with WeatherNJ to become the largest and most reliable supplier of text alerts, daily forecast texts, and joint Premium Forum in the NE US and Mid-Atlantic! The same great service that you have come to trust over the past few years got even stronger with the partnership with Jonathan Carr and his associates of WeatherNJ, LLC.

Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, facility manager, or someone who just doesn’t want to be stuck in the rain, snow, or ice, this service is for YOU! Please see the detailed information about each service below and choose the best one that suits your needs. We look forward to serving you with forecast accuracy, excellence, and dependability!

A breakdown of the counties that we cover are shown below in RED, and as of 11/2/2016, the counties in BLUE we also cover:

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MPM Service(s) Overview

Your forecast alert will be sent via text directly from an on-staff Meteorologist from WeatherNJ and EPAWA. Alerts vary depending on which option you sign up for—“Daily Forecast Service”, or “Weather Alerts Service” (active days only).

Both services offer affordable, low monthly rates starting at just $0.23/day! Discounted yearly options are also available!


Weather Alert Service*

Created for those who want early warnings for any significant weather system moving into their county, the MPM Weather Alert Option provides advanced notice of:

  • Thunderstorms – Up to 2 days’ notice of strong/severe thunderstorms and real-time alerts for lightning
  • Real-time thunderstorm alerts as an individual storm approaches your county specifically with explicit detail about THAT storm.
  • Heavy Rain – Up to 2 days’ notice of rain totaling over .50” within a 12 hour period
  • Wind – 1 day notice for wind gusts 40mph or greater
  • Tropical Systems – Up to 8 days’ notice of any impact on your county
  • Winter Storms – Up to 4 days’ notice with daily updates thereafter leading up to the storm, and updates with any changes to previous text forecasts as needed during the storm until storm passes
  • Light snow (less than 3″) – Up to 2 days’ notice with with daily updates thereafter leading up to the storm, and updates with any changes to previous text forecasts as needed during the storm until storm passes
  • Ice Road Conditions – Any threat of ice
  • Snow Consistency – Wet vs Fluffy

Great for everyone from snow removal services, school districts, and roofers to every-day commuters and persons wanting accurate information up to the minute!

*Weather alerts are only sent to your phone between the hours of 9am and 9pm for realtime storm alerts. We will never bother you or send text past 9pm unless it is an emergency situation, and a tornado is imminent


Daily Text Forecast Service

Perfect for the every-day weather curious person looking for more than your average news forecast, the MPM Daily Text Forecast Option provides the NEXT DAY forecast for your county, sent between 5-8PM the night before!

This service:

  • Accurately depicts when rain/snow starts, stops, and narrow time windows of when showers and thunderstorms are possible
  • Includes high and low temperatures, and threats for frost and freeze—Excellent for gardeners!
  • Provides wind speed, direction and maximum gust
  • Is sent every day, 365 days a year

Premium Weather Forum

Our premium forum is a joint forum that is managed and contributed to by Eastern PA Weather Authority and WeatherNJ meteorologists. No matter what the weather, we give you the most comprehensive in-depth advanced information that you won’t find anywhere else… for the area that you care about… and the local area that we specialize in. From analysis that you won’t find anywhere publicly, we explain the hows and whys of weather systems, how it may impact the region by individual area, and discuss with the members our interpretations of model guidance with impending storms affecting our region. As a member, you get:

  • Exclusive access to Seasonal Outlooks not shared publicly
  • Early access to Winter snow maps before the public, including advanced discussion not shared with the public
  • Early access and model analysis for severe weather events, including our proprietary severe charts for your specific location
  • Frequent updates on all major weather systems affecting our region
  • Long range outlook updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • In-depth model analysis
  • Ask A Meteorologist
  • Short, Medium & Long Range weather discussions
  • Storm observations

Want daily alerts, without missing advanced notice and real-time forecasts? Bundle both Daily Text and Weather Alerts!