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EPAWA is the official forecast provider
for MusikFest, August 4th-14th, 2022

EPAWA’s MusikFest forecast page

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EPAWA is the official contracted weather provider for MusikFest 2022 and all year ’round ArtsQuest events

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Your MusikFest 36 hour text forecast

Monday 8/8:  Partly cloudy, hot and humid with a chance for a stray shower or thunderstorm during the evening. High 92°F. Wind SW 7-12 mph. Probability of precipitation: 20%

Monday night: Partly to mostly cloudy and muggy. An early-mid evening stray thunderstorm possible.  Low 74°F. Wind SW 5-10 mph. Probability of precipitation: 20%

Tuesday 8/9: Partly cloudy, hot and humid. Scattered thunderstorms possible late PM or early evening. High 92°F. Wind WSW 5-10 mph. Probability of precipitation: 40%

Forecast current as of – August 8, 2022 at 8:30 AM

Forecaster: Meteorologist Bobby Martrich

Interactive radar for the MusikFest area

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