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Showers remain from the coastal storm
on Tuesday, but abrupt changes coming
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Southeast PA Forecast

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Our southeast PA forecast region includes Philadelphia, Doylestown, West Chester, Lancaster, York, Gettysburg & surrounding areas. Forecasts are updated daily M-F and Saturday that covers both weekend days – not Sunday. 


Rain showers continue on/off through about mid afternoon today, then improving conditions through the weekend…

Leftover showers are expected on Tuesday morning, and continuing through about mid-afternoon, with temperatures not rising or falling much during the day today. Improving conditions are expected on Tuesday night, with decreasing clouds expected overnight.

Mostly sunny skies and milder temperatures are expected on Wednesday, which will be a welcome sight that we haven’t seen in awhile. A few mainly isolated rain showers are possible with a cold front Wednesday night during the overnight period. The rest of the week looks dry heading into next weekend, but temperatures will be progressively dropping off each day through Sunday.

Forecaster:  Martrich 24 January 0300

Daily Climatology for Philadelphia, Pa

Average Temp:Record Temp:
High:4069 (1967)
Low:250 (1882)