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Coolest airmass of the season settles
in for much of the upcoming work week
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East Central PA Forecast

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Our east central PA forecast region includes Allentown, Hamburg, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Pottsville & surrounding areas. Forecasts are updated daily M-F and Saturday that covers both weekend days – not Sunday.


Cooler weather remains for this entire week with temperatures running below normal… 

We remain breezy on Monday, but not as windy as over the weekend. Partly sunny skies are expected, with temperatures reaching the upper 50s, only slightly below normal. The winds subside overnight, and under partly cloudy skies, we dip into the middle 30s for low temperatures.

A few even cooler days are expected Tuesday through Thursday, with partly cloudy skies expected to start that period on Tuesday. Temperatures will barely reach the 50° mark all three days, and frost is likely to occur late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and perhaps a freeze both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, which would effectively end the growing season. A system will move through on Thursday, bringing showers through the region for much of the daylight hours and evening. Some moderation in temperatures (somewhat) is possible late in the week into next weekend.

Forecaster:  Martrich 24 October 0100z

Daily Climatology for Allentown, Pa

Average Temp:Record Temp:
High:6181 (2001)
Low:3922 (1969)

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