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Up and down temperatures this week
are reminiscent of seasonal change
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East Central PA Forecast

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Our east central PA forecast region includes Allentown, Hamburg, Reading, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Pottsville & surrounding areas. Forecasts are updated daily M-F and Saturday that covers both weekend days – not Sunday.


Showers and early ice ahead of a warm front Friday morning, sets up a milder run of temperatures into Saturday…

Friday a warm front will move through the region during the day, resulting in mostly cloudy skies with a few rain showers along the front, mainly in the morning. There is the possibility to see this briefly start as a bit of light sleet or freezing rain at the onset, but any frozen precipitation will change to plain rain showers, and will likely end around noon. Remaining cloudy to mostly cloudy through the afternoon and overnight period.

After this front clears well to the north, a surge of warm air will follow with highs in the middle 60s by Saturday despite mostly cloudy skies and PM showers. Low pressure moving from the west will combine with a backdoor cold front to produce showers later on Sunday, and much cooler temperatures. Those showers will likely linger into Sunday night and at least the first part of Monday. Another frontal boundary and weak low pressure arrives later on Tuesday with more showers. We finally start to clear out from the unsettled pattern by Wednesday.

Forecaster: Martrich 24 March 0200

Daily Climatology for Allentown, Pa

Average Temp:Record Temp:
High:5378 (1988)
Low:3114 (1940)

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